Browse our activities and get in contact to find out how we can make a teambuilding day that’s fun and uniquely crafted for you and your team. From one-off music-making sessions to regular creative activities, SoCo Escapes will help develop team morale to create a more effective work environment.

Vegetable Orchestra

Do you have what it takes to be a vegetable musician? Whether you choose a carrot recorder or a pumpkin drum, the vegetable orchestra makes for an unforgettable experience.

You will be taught to make your own vegetable instrument and play it as you become part of an orchestra. With each instrument everyone brings something different to the performance, creating a unique and entertaining experience.

“The session got the team working together and supporting each other in a fun and enjoyable way.”

Office Alive

Our expert team will come to you, wherever you are, and deliver an exciting and memorable teambuilding workshop to get your whole team working together and playing as one. No experience or previous skill required! Our team will get the group working together, listening and responding to each other by taking part in fun rhythm exercises.

With everyone working together, each individual element will build to produce a grand performance at the end of the session, to show that greater things happen when we work together.

“I left the session really chilled, uplifted, and relaxed!”

Recording Experience

Our Recording sessions take place at Hightown Studios, our professional recording facility and creative space in Southampton. This activity gives you the opportunity to work with our expert engineers and recording equipment to create a professional recording of your own.

The studio is used for music workshops, learning opportunities, Balcony Sessions, and recording. It is a great space for getting a fantastic sound, with highly skilled engineers on hand.

“I feel that dedicating the time to leave the office and do something just for the team is a big positive – something I think we should do more often!”


A fun and bonding teambuilding activity that will have everyone singing and beating rhythms in the office for days after. Drumming together allows you and your team to unite as one as you work together to create a rhythmic masterpiece.

The initial chaos will soon take shape to form a fully synchronised performance, resulting in the formation of a coordinated and cohesive team. After the fun of working together, you and your team will be able to leave feeling united and confident about thriving as a team.


A workshop to encourage collaboration and creativity amongst your team, this activity is designed to enhance your musical, creative, and expressive qualities. Learn the basic skills of singing, reading music, and broadening listening skills. At the end of the workshop you will be able to perform together to sing a popular song as a choir.

The combination of enjoyable vocal and rhythmic exercises creates harmony like no other. Research from University of Oxford has even shown that there are demonstrable social and psychological benefits to choral singing! At the end of the workshop you will be able to sing a popular song as a choir. This can run as a short icebreaker session, as well as a longer, regular teambuilding event.

“Today was really enjoyable and was maybe more accessible to the whole team in comparison to outdoor/sporty teambuilding.”

Music Video

Design your very own music video or recreate a famous one! Clients are given the chance to design and perform in their own music video. This takes the excitement to a whole new level as they turn their ideas into a reality! The finished product will be captured on DVD which the team can keep as a memento of this positive shared experience.

As well as being a great, fun experience, this is also an excellent way to use corporate music sessions to improve team dynamics in the workplace.  


You don’t have to be a singer or have musical experience to enjoy this activity! Songwriting enables you to articulate your ideas to other people, which invites participation, engagement, and collaboration.

Led by our fantastic facilitators, you will be able to put your ideas to music and create your very own original song. Once your song is complete, everyone comes together to perform and record your masterpiece!

Build A Band

Build A Band gives you the opportunity to learn to play your instruments, write a song, and perform it on stage like a real rock band! Team members are encouraged to collaborate and find the assets each individual can bring to the band.

Interacting as a band inspires you to work together to create interesting sounds and high spirits. You will be given the opportunity to experiment with different instruments and demonstrate your talents to your peers.


Each teambuilding activity can be tailored to meet your needs and will typically last two to three hours. We can book a venue, arrange refreshments, and plan an enjoyable and rewarding experience that fits into your schedule, just get in touch.